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Dietary supplements

Complement alimentaire fortifiant pour cheveux fins et ongles cassants de Essentiel


for fine hair and brittle nails


Stress, fatigue, hormonal imbalances and seasonal changes are all factors that can affect the strength of hair and make nails brittle.

FORTIFIANT dietary supplements restore strength and beauty to the hair and nails, helping nourish them by providing vitamins, marine minerals and essential trace elements.


Key ingredients: Vitamin A and zinc

Pour donner de la brillance aux cheveux ternes ou colorés, utilisez le complemenent alimentaire brillance de Essentiel


for dull and/or color-treated hair


Hair is constantly subject to the onslaught of external aggressors, such as the sun, hairbrush and hair dryer. These elements make the hair split and become dull and rough. It appears devitalized.

BRILLANCE dietary supplements contain an unprecedented formula based on wheat germ and Vitamin E which helps protect the cells against "oxidative stress". There is nothing like it for radiantly healthy hair.


Key ingredients: dry extract of wheat germ and Vitamin E

Pour densifier les cheveux fatigués et dévitalisée, faites vous une cure de compléments alimentaires Densifiant de Essentiel


for devitalized, tired-looking hair

Growth and Volume

With the effects of time and the daily onslaught of external aggressors, such as pollution, and internal elements such as stress and fatigue, the hair bulb can become weakened. The microcirculation of the scalp diminishes, and hair thins out. This increases the percentage of hair engaged in the loss phase.

DENSIFIANT dietary supplements help maintain beautiful hair. Their exclusive zinc-based formula makes it possible to maintain hair in a normal, healthy condition.


Key ingredients: zinc and Vitamin B6

David Corneloup - MOF (Best Craftsman in France) - Roanne

“Essentiel is a line of high-quality haircare products that are both effective and easy to use."

Fabrice Cornillon - Hairstylist and Artist - Auxerre

French Hairstyling Champion / European Hairstyling Vice Champion / World Hairstyling Vice Champion

Cathy Batit - Hairstylist and Artist – Firminy

“Essentiel products are sophisticated and they work. I use them every day to care for the hair of my salon’s discerning customers."