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DD cream 20 Color Lock de Essentiel Haircare pour protéger quotidiennement votre couleur

DD 20 Cream Essentiel Haircare

75 mL

20-in-1 daily defense care for color-treated hair.

Sulfate-free. Silicone-free. Paraben-free.

The promise

  1. Makes color last longer
  2. Brings out radiance
  3. Moisturizes
  4. Makes hair soft
  5. Protects from the onslaught of exterior elements
  6. Reduce fizz
  7. Revitalizes
  8. Makes hair shiny
  9. Makes hair easier to style
10. Thermo-Protector
11. Provides density
12. Smooths the cuticle
13. Restores hair's beauty
14. Nourishes
15. Repairs
16. Makes detangling easier
17. Reinforces the hair
18. Improves hair condition
19. Reduces breakage from brushing
20. Prevents split ends

Prevents split ends

Of the consumers who tested the product:

95% found their hair softer

91% found hair nourished and protected from the onslaught of external aggressors

84% found their color protected

Color-treated hair

Lipido chromatique
Color lock
See the ritual

* Home-use test under dermatological supervision carried out on 40 volunteers with color-treated hair over 4 weeks.

David Corneloup - MOF (Best Craftsman in France) - Roanne

“Essentiel is a line of high-quality haircare products that are both effective and easy to use."

Fabrice Cornillon - Hairstylist and Artist - Auxerre

French Hairstyling Champion / European Hairstyling Vice Champion / World Hairstyling Vice Champion

Cathy Batit - Hairstylist and Artist – Firminy

“Essentiel products are sophisticated and they work. I use them every day to care for the hair of my salon’s discerning customers."