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  • Damaged hair

    Compound of marine ingredients
    Rituel Aquathérapie

    This new generation of hair care uses the treasures of the sea to make hair radiantly beautiful. With a compound of marine ingredients, even the most damaged hair is deeply moisturized, repaired and revitalised.

    • Sulfate-free
    • Silicone-free
    • Paraben-free

The target

ESSENTIEL HAIRCARE RITUEL AQUATHÉRAPIE harnesses the treasures of the sea for a new generation of hair care. RITUEL AQUATHÉRAPIE is a marine treatment that regenerates all types of hair, even the most damaged. Designed like a true "hair spa", the range provides hair with maximal softness.

The Technology

The marine ingredient compound offers the unprecedented synergy of moisturizing marine spring water with a cocktail of vitamin-rich algae. This compound moisturizes, repairs and revitalizes even the most damaged hair.

The benefits

  • MOISTURIZES AND REPAIRS. Spring water contains zinc, which stimulates the production of keratin.
  • IMPROVES RESISTANCE. The nutritive richness of algae boosts the scalp's microcirculation so that the hair follicle may be nourished and regenerated.
  • COATS. The film-forming properties of algae limit moisture loss while smoothing the hair shaft.
  • PROTECTS. Spring water contains minerals which have an anti-oxidant action that protects the hair from the onslaught of external aggressors.


Proven satisfaction *

Of the consumers who tested the product:

93% found their hair moisturized, revitalized, stronger and more healthy

* Usage test under dermatological control carried out on 30 volunteers after they used the shampoo, mask and mousse for 4 weeks.

David Corneloup - MOF (Best Craftsman in France) - Roanne

“Essentiel is a line of high-quality haircare products that are both effective and easy to use."

Fabrice Cornillon - Hairstylist and Artist - Auxerre

French Hairstyling Champion / European Hairstyling Vice Champion / World Hairstyling Vice Champion

Cathy Batit - Hairstylist and Artist – Firminy

“Essentiel products are sophisticated and they work. I use them every day to care for the hair of my salon’s discerning customers."