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  • Color-treated hair

    Lipido chromatique
    Color lock

    To meet with the needs of active women who have little time to spare, ESSENTIEL has developed a new generation of intelligent COLOR LOCK treatments to maintain the beauty of color-treated hair.

    • Paraben-free

The target

Hair is exposed to various external aggressors, such as heat, mechanical damage, pollution, UVB and UVA rays, and free radicals.

Shampoo after shampoo, your hair color fades and loses radiance. Without protection, color becomes dull and does not age well.

The Technology

LIPIDO CHROMATIQUE is a substantive lipid compound that protects color against fading and preserves its radiance.

The benefits

A unique dual-action SAVE & DEFENSE formula designed to perform on two levels:

  1. The "SAVE" (protective) action: The LIPIDO CHROMATIQUE complex protects hair color from fading.
  2. The "DEFENSE" action: A multi-protective shield that defends hair from a number of elements to maintain the original shade and radiance of its color until the next color treatment.


Proven satisfaction *

Of the consumers who tested the product:

96,9% found that their hair maintained a radiant color

* Usage test under dermatological control carried out on 30 volunteers after they used Color Lock shampoo, Color Lock mask Essentiel Haircare and Color Lock bi-phase Essentiel Haircare for 4 weeks.

David Corneloup - MOF (Best Craftsman in France) - Roanne

“Essentiel is a line of high-quality haircare products that are both effective and easy to use."

Fabrice Cornillon - Hairstylist and Artist - Auxerre

French Hairstyling Champion / European Hairstyling Vice Champion / World Hairstyling Vice Champion

Cathy Batit - Hairstylist and Artist – Firminy

“Essentiel products are sophisticated and they work. I use them every day to care for the hair of my salon’s discerning customers."