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Le baume lavant Color Lock une réponse à la tendance Low Poo pour préserver la coloration des cheveux

Cleansing balm Essentiel Haircare

245 mL

A new generation of dual action cleansing care for color-treated hair.



The promise

  • Gently cleanses color-treated hair.  
  • Preserves and brings out the beauty of color.

Proven satisfaction *

Of the consumers who tested the product:

100% found that the cleansing balm gently washes color-treated hair

100% found that the cleansing balm kept pigments from washing away

Color-treated hair

Lipido chromatique
Color lock
See the ritual

* Home-use test under dermatological supervision carried out on 30 volunteers with color-treated hair over 4 weeks

David Corneloup - MOF (Best Craftsman in France) - Roanne

“Essentiel is a line of high-quality haircare products that are both effective and easy to use."

Fabrice Cornillon - Hairstylist and Artist - Auxerre

French Hairstyling Champion / European Hairstyling Vice Champion / World Hairstyling Vice Champion

Cathy Batit - Hairstylist and Artist – Firminy

“Essentiel products are sophisticated and they work. I use them every day to care for the hair of my salon’s discerning customers."